Dental sealants offer a solution for patients who want to protect their teeth against various types of damage. Many people use sealants after they’ve damaged the teeth and wish to hide the imperfection and stop future problems. While dental sealants offer an array of benefits, a few disadvantages do exist. It is imperative to look at both the pros and cons of using dental sealants torrance ca before deciding if they’re suitable to your needs.

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Dental Sealants Pros

Patients who use dental sealants enjoy a wide variety of advantages to their teeth and oral health, including:

·    Best for kids

·    Prevent cavities and tooth decay

·    Cheaper than fillings

·    Cannot be seen by others

·    Safe and easy to place on the teeth

These benefits are pretty nice, but there’s even more in store for patients who go through with the procedure.

Dental Sealants Cons

As with any product, a few disadvantages of use do exist that you should consider before deciding to use them. Any dentist will tell you the benefits of sealants far outweigh any potential disadvantage, but it is important that you are aware of both sets of criteria. Some of the disadvantages of using dental sealants include:

·    Can seal in decay that is already present on the teeth

·    May not offer long-lasting use for some patients

As you can see, the list of benefits is far longer than the list of disadvantages. Dental sealants protect your teeth!

Dental sealants are most suitable for kids, although adults can also benefit from them in many cases. The pros and cons above are among the many you’ll note about dental sealants. Talk to the dentist to learn more.  A great healthy smile can be yours with the help of dental sealants.